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A porcelain veneer being placed

Dentist’s Disastrous Treatment Plan

I went to see my dentist to get a crown and veneer placed and I have some concerns about his suggested treatment plan. First, some background. I have one dental crown and three porcelain veneers. The reason I wanted the crown replaced is two-fold. First, it has never looked that great. Second, now there is a dark line at the gumline. The porcelain veneer I want to be replaced is […]

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teeth whitening trays

Can You Whiten Dental Fillings?

I have very yellow teeth because of stains picked up over the years. I want to whiten them but I also have some white fillings. Will they match? Will they whiten with my teeth or will I need to replace them? Katie Dear Katie, When you whiten your teeth, the only thing which will actually whiten is your natural tooth structure. No dental work whitens with our current technology.  When […]

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