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How to get rid of stains on dental bonding

I have two front teeth that are bonded and have a little stain on them. I had my teeth cleaned recently and the tentist was not able to get all the stain off. Is there something you can recommend to remove this stain. It doesn’t look nice and of course I would like them to. Thank you very much for your help. – Cheryl from California Cheryl, I hope I’m […]

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Solution to a single discolored front tooth

I am 25 and I have one discolored tooth on the front. I had root canal done when I was about 12. I am trying to decide what I should do about it. I have talked to a lot of dentists also read many articles online but everybody seems to have a different opinion about the best way to fix it. One dentist said that crowns or veneers are too […]

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How to fix teeth damaged from braces

My daughter has damage to her front teeth from braces. They have suggested veneers for her in a few years. Can veneers be placed on front teeth with fillings in them and how will this affect her dental future? Very angry at how uneducated We were by the Orhtodontist and how little they monitored her teeth. Unsure how to even handle it, but know we need to research as much […]

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