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Can’t get Snap-on Smile, will Lumineers work?

I was going to get Snap-on Smile. We had everything ready to go and then I found out I wasn’t a good candidate. So, now I’m back to square one. My dentist has been learning to do Lumineers. Will this work for me? I don’t really want braces. i’d feel stupid at my age. I guess I should tell you whats wrong with my smile. I’ve got a large gap […]

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What to do about a cracked veneer

I have what appears to be a tiny crack on my porcelain veneer. It is on the front tooth. I’ve had the veneers for about eleven years now. My dentist thinks they will last for a long time still and says there is nothing that needs to be done at this time. Do you agree with that or is he just saying it because it is hard to replace them? […]

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