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Is bone grafting really necessary?

I wanted to get dental implants and my dentist said that I have to have bone grafting done first. That seems like it is just adding expense and I’m really ready and anxious to get rid of these dentures. Is that something that is really necessary? Greg H. – Baltimore Greg, It depends on your situation. If your dentist is requiring bone grafter, than it is likely that he fears […]

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Dentist and I in disagreement about smile makeover

I want to get a smile makeover and I know exactly what I want my smile to look like. My dentist thinks the smile I want is too white for “my age”.  To be frank, if I wanted to look my age, I wouldn’t be getting a smile makeover to begin with. How can I convince him this is OK? Marigold L. – Texas Marigold, You probably can’t. It sounds […]

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