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Can Dental Implants Replace Teeth that Fell Out?

I’ve lost two teeth. They were lost because I had gum disease that wasn’t cared for quickly enough. I’m hoping I can get dental implants to replace them. Daisy E. – Kentucky Daisy, I understand why you’d want dental implants. They are excellent tooth replacements. Unfortunately, gum disease means that implants are not a good treatment for you at this moment. The priority must be your gum disease. Once that has […]

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Woman smiling in the dental chair with her dentist behind her

What is the Best Dentist for a Bulimic?

If I have bulimia, is there a better dentist for me to go to? Name withheld. Well, this is a little hard to answer without some more specific information. Are you still purging?  Are you a recovered bulimic and need to repair the damage done to your teeth from your previous purging?  I’ll try to answer both generally. First, I will say, likely your best dentist will be a highly […]

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