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A woman in a dental chair giving a thumbs up.

How Do You Nominate a Dentist for Best Dentist

I’ve been in some dental offices where they proudly displaced their “Best Dentist” award from the community. Rarely, did I think they actually deserved it. I’ve never been to a dentist I was impressed with…until this week. I went to a new dentist and the entire office was fantastic. They were friendly and helpful. The doc took lots of time to ask me about things in my medical history and […]

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Woman with a beautiful smile created by cosmetic dentist Dr. David Newkirk

Confusion Regarding Lumineers

Can you help me understand why some cosmetic dentists swear by Lumineers and others think they’re the worst? Terri B. Dear Terri, There is a wide variation of abilities among cosmetic dentists. Some are just after functionality, while others want their work to be aesthetically beautiful as well. When it comes to things like getting a smile makeover, you definitely want to end up with the latter dentist. The “controversy” […]

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