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before and after mercury-free fillings

Can I Lie About an Allergy?

My dentist insists that my silver fillings are fine and that all the fuss over them is overblown. I want to switch them out for the white ones. He’s so resistant that I’m frustrated. What if I just told him I’ve developed an allergy to the materials? Would he be able to tell I’m lying? Miranda Dear Miranda, I’m not going to recommend this idea for three reasons. First, it’s […]

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Can My Teeth Match My White Spots?

My two front teeth have had white spots on the bottom half of them my entire life. I like that whiteness but want to make the rest of my teeth match. I know if I just get teeth whitening, that it will whiten everything, even the white parts. Is it possible to whiten everything EXCEPT my two front teeth? Casey Dear Casey, Yes, it is possible to whiten all your […]

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Who Should Extract My Teeth for Dentures?

I have absolutely horrible teeth. Most are broken. Some are missing. Now, I have another cavity that seems to be getting infected. When this quarantine is over I’m going to be finished with them. I want to have them all extracted and get dentures. Do I go to a dentist for that or an oral surgeon? Ben Dear Ben, Before I address your question, I want to make sure you […]

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