mercury-free composite fillings

Can a Child See an Adult Dentist to Avoid Mercury?

I’m very careful what I put in my son’s body. He’s in need of a filling. I’ve been taking him to a pediatric dentist, but they want to do a silver filling, which is loaded with mercury. My dentist is a mercury-free. Would it be OK to take my son to an adult dentist in order to avoid mercury? Brenda M. – MIchigan Hi Brenda, We always want the best […]

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Help! Lumineers Gave Me Horse Teeth

I got Lumineers. My dentist suggested that brand so I wouldn’t have to grind my teeth down.  But, now that they’re done, they’re so bulky that I feel like I have horse teeth. Can this be fixed or should I move to England? Miranda H. – Oregon Miranda, I have some friends from Great Britain who would be simultaneously offended and ammused by your question.  Don’t pack your bags for […]

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Beautiful brunette smiling with gorgeous white teeth

Can porcelain veneers make a gummy smile pretty?

When I decided to get porcelain veneers, I told my dentist what I was wanting. I was especially concerned with how much of my gums you can see when I smile. When the procedure was done, the veneers themselves looked fine, but my gums were the same, and actually looked a little worse to me because now they look uneven. He says the veneers are beautiful and I’m being one […]

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Beautiful White Teeth

Can I whiten just one tooth?

I have a crown on one tooth. It has started picking up stains.  I have had it for quite some time, so that’s not suprise. I don’t want to pay to whiten all my teeth, just the crown, but wondered if you can just whiten one tooth? Monica M. – Atlanta, Georgia Monica, When you whiten teeth, you whiten an entire arch. However, you’re not asking about a natural tooth. […]

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I Can’t Keep My Dentures In

I’m feeling a tad desperate. I’v had dentures for many years. But, now, I cannot keep it in. It moves all the time and falls out in the most embarrassing times. Is there an option to help me with this? Alexandra M. – New Jersey Alexandra, I’m sorry for what you’re going through. There is a way to fix it, but it will take some doing.  The reason  your dentures […]

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Does a dentist have the right to refuse service?

I wanted to get dental implants, but my dentist is refusing. He says it is because I have diabetes and smoke. Is my life my business. He said he might be willing to help if I quit smoking, but absolutely refuses to treat me if I don’t. What gives him that right? Joseph S. – Conway, AR Joseph, Your dentist understands that dental implants is a difficult procedure under the […]

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Can You Help Me Convince My Dentist?

I got a small composite filling. It looks OK, but everytime I bite down to chew there is a sharp pain. I talked to my dentist about it, he messed with my tooth, but it didn’t do anything to help. Now he wants to do a root canal and crown. I did some research (out of desperation), because I don’t want to loose any more natural tooth structure. I read […]

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Can I get mercury filled fillings removed?

It turns out that my fillings are mostly made of mercury. I cannto believe my dentist didn’t warn me about that. I want them out, but I don’t know if they can be removed. Advice? Beth C. – Louisiana Beth, Yes, they can be removed, but they have to be done a certain way to protect you from the mercury fumes. Not all dentists know how to do that, nor […]

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A porcelain veneer being placed

Is my ex-wives club ripped off on their Lumineers

I have two friends who, along with me, have recently gone through a divorce. We call ourselves the ex-wives club. We decided to get our smiles re-done for a complete fresh start and a boost to our image. We’re getting Lumineers, which my dentist was thrilled to place on all of us since she recently got certified. We were equally excited, but now have some concerns.  We went in and […]

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Image of natural looking teeth with dental work

What if I have a crown, can I still get veneers?

I have a dental crown on the tooth adjacent to one of my front teeth, but I want to get porcelain veneers, my dentist said that makes it impossible to get veneers? Is it really not possible? Is there any way around it? Amber S. – Denver, CO Amber, Are you certain your dentist didn’t say you can’t have a porcelain veneer on the tooth with the crown instead of […]

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