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Is a Mercury-free Dentist Absolutely Necessary to Remove One Filling?

I keep reading that it’s important to replace your old silver fillings, which are loaded with mercury, with a white filling. I also hear you need to use a mercury-free dentist to do it. Is that really necessary? I only have one filling. I’ve had it for about 2o years. Cyndy L. – Brooklyn Cyndy, There is some controversy surrounding the whole amalgam versus composite fillings. Here’s the problem. The […]

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Is It Safe to Remove Mercury Fillings?

I have a mercury filling I want to get rid of.  When I spoke with my dentist about it, he said it was less safe to remove them than to just leave them in. Is that true? Addy – Wisconsin Addy, Removing amalgam fillings does release mercury vapors. That would be quite bad for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your mercury fillings removed. You’ll just need to […]

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Can a Child See an Adult Dentist to Avoid Mercury?

I’m very careful what I put in my son’s body. He’s in need of a filling. I’ve been taking him to a pediatric dentist, but they want to do a silver filling, which is loaded with mercury. My dentist is a mercury-free. Would it be OK to take my son to an adult dentist in order to avoid mercury? Brenda M. – MIchigan Hi Brenda, We always want the best […]

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Can I get mercury filled fillings removed?

It turns out that my fillings are mostly made of mercury. I cannto believe my dentist didn’t warn me about that. I want them out, but I don’t know if they can be removed. Advice? Beth C. – Louisiana Beth, Yes, they can be removed, but they have to be done a certain way to protect you from the mercury fumes. Not all dentists know how to do that, nor […]

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My new dentist has me terrified of my fillings

I moved to a new city.  I just saw my shiny new dentist for the first time.  He did my exam and expressed concern about my fillings.  I have had them for years.  I also grind my teeth. He said the combination of my old fillings with teeth grinding is putting mercury into my system. How is that possible? Chloe P. – Pennsylvania Chloe, I’m guessing, based on what you’re […]

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My dentist says the amalgam fillings are safe

There is a debate going on at our house. Our dentist said that amalgam fillings are safe so my husband thinks the children can have them.  I’m of the opinion we shouldn’t put mercury in their body if we can at all help it.  What is your stance? Mary Ellen R. – Utah Mary Ellen, You’re going to call me a coward, but I’m going to say you can both […]

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Can’t eat or drink since I got my teeth filled

I got my first fillings. Ever since then I haven’t been able to eat or drink. My mouth feels sensitive to almost everything. My tongue is itcy.  Don’t even talk about trying a cold drink. It sends zings like you wouldn’t believe. Is this normal? I’ve asked my dentist if we can do one of those white fillings, but he says they’re not as good. Suzie U. – Philadelphia Suzie, […]

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My pediatric dentist says children can’t have white fillings

My nine year old needs a filling. I don’t want any mercury in his system and therefore want a white filling. His pediatric dentist, however, says that children can’t have those. I find that hard to believe. Thoughts? Maddie J. – Washington Maddie, You’re right. Children can have white fillings. What your pediatric dentist was probably trying to convey, is that it is difficult for children to sit still during […]

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Dentist says amalgam fillings are better

I need to get a couple of fillings. I wanted to get white fillings, but my dentist says the old amalgam ones are better. I just didn’t want a bunch of  silver in my mouth. Are the old ones really better? Lyric A. – Pittsburgh Lyric, It is more likely that your dentist is just unfamiliar with the procedure to place white (composite) fillings. Until very recently, dental schools didn’t […]

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Is the mercury safe in fillings?

I found out that silver fillings have mercury in them.  I’m a little worried about that and want to get rid of them somehow. My dentist says I can’t and that they are perfectly safe.  Is he right? My friends say they can be removed. Danielle W. – Pennsylvania Danielle, Your silver (amalgam) fillings are made of about 50%  mercury. Though the ADA has said they are perfectly safe, many […]

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